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Project Description
Utility to completely remove TFS Team Explorer from VS.NET 2010.

* Removes all registry entries regarding Team Explorer.
* Removes all files related to Team Explorer.
* Removes all VS.NET commands, menu items and hyperlinks related to Team Explorer (incl. one on StartUp page)
  • Works on English editions of VS.NET.
  • Tested on VS.NET 2010 Ultimate.
  • After installing/reinstalling VS.NET, VS.NET Service Packs or Silverlight Tools, please restart TFSremover to clean installation again.
  • TFSremover creates two log files.
  • vs.xml is created using msi2xml utility (
  • After removing TFS Team Explorer from your system, you'll no longer be able to access Codeplex via TFS source control interface. SVN/VisualSVN is left intact.

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